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    “It is easy to fall into the trap of having monopoly on the truth. We all represent just very certain interest of very certain people. The same goes for everybody else.”



    We all know what the time is - until someone actually asks us what the time is.
    We know that time has 3 presets: past, present and the future. So far everyone will agree that yes this sound all very reasonable and simple to follow. So what’s the problem?
    If we consider our physical plane then yes time seems to be linear. But the problem appeared after quantum physicists claimed that physical plane might not be as physical as we thought. It came out that atoms can act as particles and as waves. And the particular acting much depends from the observer. This phenomena was observed by certain test where atoms were in some cases acting as a particle and in some cases as a wave.
    New Spirituality

    It's time for new spirituality.

    But Why? What's wrong with the old one?

    The Laws

    Just recently i did receive another chain email, wanting me forward it to my friends. Well usually i dont waist internet bandwidth, but i thought that i will do this exception as the matter is right.

    What is GOD?

    It is not the easiest question on first thought. There are too many distractive circumstances that make answer to this question complicated. But this is only on first thought.

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